Artist Marcel Santos unveiled a new release at a private showing in Beverly Hills, CA last weekend!

The new release is titled “The Tale of The Unavailable” An Original Oil painting on a 16” x 38” canvas.

"The Tale Of The Unavailable"

While unveiling his new release, Marcel had to share what sparked such a relatable piece.

“Funny how people in general seem to want what they can’t have, or what’s unavailable. I painted this one last year after going to dinner with some friends, where I noticed a group of women eye F**** the heck out of one of my friends... Who happened to have his girlfriend with him, they were all over each other and anyone who saw them together could tell they were perfect for each other. When his girlfriend went to the restroom, I went up to him and asked if he noticed how the women there were all interested in him, his response was hilarious… He said, “when I was single I couldn't even catch a cold, let alone women. But now I’m taken and madly in love, and suddenly every woman who sees us together, well, seems like they want to try and ruin what we have.” I’m pretty sure there are multiple morals to this story, but I guess I’ll leave it to you guys to figure them out.”