Artist Marcel Santos Sketches Actress Chelsea Kane

Chelsea Kane"I'm not one to just randomly sketch or paint celebrities, but when inspiration hits, it hits… I remember being a little under the weather, so I decided to take a day to myself and play hooky. Casually flipping through channels I came across a show on ABC called 'Baby Daddy' - Funny show by the way, I ended up watching 2 or 3 episodes that night… There was a scene where Chelsea's character was sipping' on some Chardonnay and I thought to myself, 'Oh, there's something I could paint!' So just for kicks, I decided to work on a quick sketch study of her."

Chelsea Kane sketchWhen asked if there could possibly be a painting of her, or a painting with her in it in the near future Marcel answered:

"Of course, that sketch I made generated a lot of positive feed back. So, why not?! She's cute and she's got style… I'd love to work on a piece for her someday."